CBD Feb 05
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By Jason Tillotson, Copywriter

Between vapes, flower, edibles, tinctures, concentrates and everything in between, choosing the type of CBD for you. This can sometimes be overwhelming.

Read on for the most popular ways of consuming CBD in our latest blog post.

Taking sublingual drops – Taking CBD under the tongue is popular for those who aren’t big smokers. It’s a quick and easy way to get your CBD while staying discreet. Sublingual CBD drops are usually recommended in the morning as a way to kickstart the day.

Since this method is meant to be a part of your daily regiment, there are a range of options in size and extraction method. Most CBD drops are sold in fairly large doses, with bottles ranging from 250ml to 5000ml. There is also broad and full spectrum options.

CBD oil gets its appeal with people who want a simple cannabis experience. No prep, no clean-up. Just a simple, reach for it and it’s right there type of deal.

CBD sublingual drops can range on the more expensive side of the CBD product spectrum. Some brands charge over $100 for a larger size bottle of quality full spectrum drops.

Eating an edible – When you actually digest CBD oil or distillate in an edible, the CBD gets processed by your liver. Then the CBD eventually ends up in your bloodstream.

Edibles are tricky because they can come across as mislabeled or not correctly dosed. The CBD industry is still in its early stages with edible products and they have felt the influence of that inexperience.

Applying lotion – topical CBD is becoming more popular among those trying CBD for the first time. Topicals are a perfect way to ease into CBD use with infused products, similar to a lotion or body cream you already use.

Using CBD topicals in a lotion is most useful for people targeting pain in a specific area like the lower back or the neck. CBD lotion can also be used to treat serious skin conditions like eczema by helping to repair deep layers of the skin.

Be careful with some CBD lotions though, many have been mislabeled and branded to contain more CBD than they really contain.

Smoking CBD!

Of course, a Flowerz favorite, for many reasons, namely the fast absorption time. Smoking CBD or THC will always be the fastest way to ingest the cannabinoids and feel the effects.

Smoking CBD through a joint, a bowl or a bong is also the most natural way to consume the plant. Even the most purely extracted CBD vapes, topicals, tinctures or edibles will always have some kind of additive or bonding agent. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just not the 100% most natural consumption method.

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