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By Jason Tillotson, Copywriter

Cannabis Edible Potency

We’ve all been there, right? Making a batch of infused brownies or cookies, eye-balling how much cannabis you mix in. Ending up on the edge of the space-time continuum in, like, seven minutes. Or maybe you popped one gummy too many after underestimating what a 100-milligrams meant.

Regardless of where you are in your cannabis journey, a bad edible experience can, at the very least, ruin the fun. And in the worst case, ruin your relationship with cannabis altogether. Some people actually end up turning away from CBD and hemp without ever trying it.

Because they were introduced to THC first, and confused CBD with the psychoactive compound.

It’s not their fault for not knowing how an edible (CBD or otherwise) will affect you, it’s the company’s responsibility to inform and educate you. Due to the lack of current regulation (although, we’re seeing this quickly change), we don’t see a lot of transparentness in the CBD industry. This can cause a ton of misinformation for consumers. You may recall a recent finding that over 70% of CBD products in the U.S. contain false or misleading claims about their CBD content. That is not the case at Flowerz.

Our cannabis company is different.

Here at Flowerz, we pride ourselves on being able to educate our community on, not only our organic and sustainably sourced products, but cannabis as a concept as well. It is worth noting that taking too much of a THC edible has the potential to be super unpleasant, taking too much of a CBD or Delta-8 THC edible is not going to have the same consequences.

If you’ve seen our step-by-step guide on how to make your own CBD oil, you might already be an expert in edible dosing. Just in case you’re not, read on and we’ll break down how to expertly dose your edible experience the right way, every time.

How to dose your CBD or Delta-8 edibles

It all starts with your tolerance, which is based on how much and how frequently you consume. If you’re a daily and nightly CBD user; whether that’s by virtue of bowl smoking, edible eating or sublingual dropping. Routine cannabis use will cause you to be more tolerant of its effects. This might warrant a higher edible dose.

On the other hand, if you’re a less frequent user, the increase between 10mg and 20mg, might make a major difference in your experience.

How many MG of CBD should I take?

Another major factor in edible dosing is the ailment that you’re seeking treatment for. Generally speaking, the sweet spot for new consumers is anywhere from 10-25mg for anxiety or focus. Even if you’re a new consumer you may find yourself creeping closer to 20-25mg for a sleep-related ailment.

Seasoned cannabis users, and those who also use THC, should reach for something between 25-50mg for daytime use. They could adjust anywhere from 50-100mg for sleep aid. This drastic increase in dosage is related to how good your body gets at metabolizing cannabinoids.

Like we’ve so eloquently mentioned before, CBD and THC both interact with the endocannabinoid system. CBD sort of walks up and playfully flirts with your cannabinoid receptors. THC struts right in, twirls those receptors around and gives ‘em a big ol’ kiss. Two very different interactions, but aside from the CBD/THC differences, the various types of edibles are also worth discussing

What types of CBD edibles are the best?

If you’re like us here at Flowerz, you’re tired of seeing the same old 5-pack of CBD gummy bears you’ve seen 1,000+ times at every smoke shop (or even gas station) you’ve ever been to. The era of CBD gummies that oddly resemble those Flintstones children’s vitamins, needs to be over.

Even so, CBD gummies can be good if the brand is quality. Knowing our general distaste for the status quo, we flipped the whole edible game on its head and innovated a brand new edible product that’s flying off the shelves.

Our new Delta-8 THC fruit thins are 25mg of legal, hemp-derived Delta-8 per piece for a perfectly balanced dose every time. 25mg sounds like too much? Just simply cut or rip a piece in half for a 12.5mg dose.

Key Edible DosageTakeaways

  • Trying CBD in edible form is a great way to easily and discreetly consume.
  • CBD edibles are very different from THC edibles, and can be more freely experimented with
  • New CBD consumers should start with about a 10mg dose
  • Season CBD users or THC user may seek higher doses, anywhere from 25-100mgs
  • Try our brand new hemp-derived Delta-8 fruit thins! Coming in blueberry, mango and raspberry, you’re sure to find a flavor that suits you!
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