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By Jason Tillotson, Copywriter

It’s the new year – resolutions are sparking up, goals are being reevaluated and our path towards wellness in 2021, is being paved.

Cannabis Consumption

You may not think of cannabis needing any kind of monitoring in your life. For health, it’s worth looking back at your consumption this year and reevaluating what’s working for you and what’s not.

Remember, cannabis is medicine and medicine requires dosage. Like any medication, prescribed steroid or antibiotic, the dosage is professionally monitored and adjusted for efficacy. But, due to the current state of cannabis laws in D.C., it’s a wee bit difficult to get that doctoral level of attention towards your cannabis. It is on you to be your own advocate and research.

So until you can walk into any dispensary and get expert-level guidance around what how cannabis can best help you and your body, it’s best to take your cannabis education into your own hands. If you are new to cannabis consumption, start with this helpful guide. Most importantly is document your experiences thoroughly for best data collection.

Here are some helpful tips to monitor your cannabis goals in 2021:

  • Keep a journal – not only can journaling help your overall wellness and introspectiveness, but keeping a dedicated journal, or section of a journal, for cannabis related notes can be very helpful.
  • Monitor your intake – how much are you using cannabis? Daily? Hourly? Just twice a week? No matter how frequent your use, it’s best to see how often you’re consuming cannabis and how effective that intake is. For example, if you’re medicating just once a day for anxiety, and you’re still experiencing symptoms of anxiety, it might be worth considering an increase in dosage.
  • Shake up how you’re consuming – Having trouble finding different ways to consume? Lucky for you, Flowerz has everything you need from raw flower, vape and edibles – our selection has never been more diverse! Check out our blog on ways to consume CBD for inspiration.
  • Take tolerance breaks – also referred to as “t-breaks”, stopping your cannabis consumption for as little as 48-hours can help you reset your endocannabinoid system. Resetting is always good every once in a while. With respect to cannabis, allowing your tolerance to recalibrate can help deepen the feel of effects from cannabis. If we learned nothing else from 2020, we learned we all need to start over.

No matter what your overall goals are for 2021, just know Flowerz always has your back…and your blunt!

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