CBD Dec 18
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By Jason Tillotson, Copywriter

We’re rolling out the greatest hits here as we bring you yet another installment of our Strain Showcase series! This week, we are highlighting a classic, truly one from the Greatest Hits of CBD records, Suver Haze!

Truly an amazing CBD strain!

Suver Haze is one of the quintessential CBD strains. This is a sweet tasting and vibe inducing bud. You’ll be grateful you went with one of the classics! Check out our article on the benefits of smoking CBD flower for more information.

Coming in at just shy of 20% CBD, Suver Haze is the perfectly balanced strain for the days you’re feeling off. THC content is low on this one, so you’re less likely to knock out on the couch after puffin’ on this bad boy!

You might notice the orange tree graphic on our Suver Haze packaging. We envision this strain like a sweet citrus tree that emanates beautifully crisp scents that blend their way onto your palette upon inhaling. That orange and grapefruit taste is definitely there but the underlying flavors come from its earthy-tasting relative, Silver Haze.

Ultra low THC levels

Don’t be afraid of this strain’s percentages – while a CBD level of 19%. You might feel intimated with Suver Haze, but rest assured it’s ultra-low THC level of less than 0.1% well allow you to smoke away but remain calm and focused. This is the perfect daytime strain. In fact, it has been known to be found in the desk drawers of many of the world’s top CEO’s!

….Okay, we’re joking about that last part, but we may as well be telling the truth because this strain is a trusted tool of CBD consumers all over the world – but you’ll just have to try it for yourself!

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