CBD Jan 15
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By Jason Tillotson, Copywriter


CBD, THC – This Flower has it all!

Named after its THC cousin, OG Kush, our CBD OG actually couldn’t be more different. With next-to zero THC, this strain has just 17.8% CBD and is perfect for a morning or early afternoon joint filler – which is not the case with OG Kush.

You can’t get more OG than well…CBD OG! This strain has a classic, dark indica look, but a nice spongey, sativa feel. It’s a piney tasting smoke when packed in a pipe or bong but its more earthy and stone notes come put when rolled up in a hemp paper.

Perhaps my favorite thing about the CBD OG strain is its truly balanced nature. You can find yourself reaching for CBD OG in the early morning after a night out. Ever had a few drinks the night before an important work call? Yeah, we’ve all been there. Let CBD OG cannabis flower to take care of that slight hangover and cure your ails, just pair with an ice-cold glass of water for the cotton mouth.

There’s something to be said for cannabis CBD flower strains that really help you focus throughout the day.

This CBD strain is probably the best for proving to your anti-cannabis friends that CBD can actually help you get work done, and not just lock you into the couch. That is if those people even exist anymore.

To put it candidly, I’ve literally never felt more focused than after smoking just a small pipe’s worth of our fresh CBD OG. It’s really one that should be in everyone’s stash box for an emergency pick-me-up or for that last minute happy hour get-together.

Pick up some CBD OG and you won’t even have to try anything else…but you still should, because, well…we have seriously great CBD weed.

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