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Delta 8 Jul 13
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Vape Pens are a welcomed addition for someone looking for a more convenient and maintenance-free way to enjoy cannabis. While the technology behind disposable vaping devices are quite streamlined and advanced, that doesn’t mean that you’re never going to run into an issue.

Going to take a hit on your vape and finding that your vape isn’t working can be frustrating, to say the least. If you’re struggling to inhale, something isn’t right — your vape is most likely clogged.


Clogging of your Disposable Vape or Cartridge is completely normal and happens with high-quality Delta-8 distillate. Delta-8 THC distillate occurs at a high density and often needs extra warm-up time especially when exposed to frequent light and temperature changes. But don’t worry, it’s a very easy fix!

The reason your Delta 8 vape cart is clogging can happen for a few reasons:

  1. Extreme temperatures. This one is common. If you store your cart in the fridge (not recommended) or leave it in your car on a very hot day, clogs can happen as the liquid adjusts to the temperature changes. Becoming thicker as it cools and thinner as it warms. If warmer liquid makes its way through the cart mechanisms and then cools, it can cause the clog.
  2. Normal function. This temperature fluctuation can also happen with everyday use. Especially if you store your cart horizontally, or toss it recklessly back into your purse or drawer.


Ultimately, the best way to avoid a clogged disposable is to choose a vape from a retailer that makes high-quality products. A quality disposable will be made of the best materials that will allow for proper airflow and stay at the top of its game until it’s time for a new one. High-quality formulations, optimized for a balanced experience and just the right viscosity will also help.

  1. Keep it vertical. If you can, we highly recommend you store it vertically (standing straight up) to help prevent clogs. Also, it helps to store your Delta 8 THC vape at room temperature and away from direct sunlight.
  2. Draw extra air. Continue drawing air through the vape for a few seconds after you’ve stopped firing it. This will clear out any excess vapor. This technique works very well as a preventative measure. Drawing excess air through the cart helps to prevent D8 from condensing and building up along the inner walls. 
  3. Take softer hits. Taking softer hits will also help to prevent your D8 vape cartridge from becoming clogged. Pulling too hard tends to draw excess oil into the airway which can cause flooding and clogging. Besides, a softer hit may make your cart last longer, and that’s a win for everyone.
  4. Keep the battery charged.
  5. Avoid keeping your vape in your pockets.
  6. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight (especially for extended periods of time) .
  7. Avoid keeping your vape in your car to avoid temperature fluctuations.
  8. Keep your vape in a warm area, cold helps to thicken and crystallize the vape liquid.
  9. Use your vape often! Cloggs can often come as a result of inactivity, so even just taking a quick hit a few times a week will help keep the good times flowing (literally).


When you have a clogged disposable vape, the first thing to try is simple and works surprisingly often. Instead of inhaling using your lungs like you normally would, try using just your mouth to generate increased sucking in pressure on the mouthpiece. If this works, you can continue inhaling as usual. If not, try some of the steps below.

Before you attempt to unclog a disposable vape, make sure to put on gloves and have napkins or paper towels nearby, as vape juice can be very sticky.

  1. Try taking hits with no fire. If your Delta-8 vape is clogged, try softly pulling air without firing up your cart. You may hear or feel the clog move through the airway enough to clear it. You can also pull slightly, and then suction it to your upper lip. It will automatically release once the clog is cleared.
  2. Warm your cart. The ideal solution here is to use a vape battery with a preheat function. Preheating your cart can potentially warm the oil enough to dissolve the clog. No preheat function available? Try aiming a hair dryer at your cart for a few seconds while positioning it vertically to allow the oil to flow out of the airway. If you don’t have a blow dryer, try putting your vape in an airtight plastic bag and then submerging the bag in warm water. Be careful to not let water enter the bag and get on your vape pen.
  3. Clean out your cart. Take a long thin object, like a paperclip or toothpick, and gently stick it into the mouthpiece. Carefully move the object around to scrape the inner sides of the mouthpiece. This helps to remove excess oil. Use this technique carefully if you need immediate relief from your clog.
    • Start by taking the cap off of your disposable vape, and gently inserting a small tool like a paper clip through the mouthpiece’s center hole.
    • Cautiously push the tool into the vape until you reach the bottom, about one inch deep.
    • Rotate the tool and pull it up to dislodge the oil in the cart post.
    • Repeat the last two steps two to three times.
    • After you’ve cleaned out your disposable, blow through the charging port until there is adequate airflow through the vape.

Whichever method you use to heat your vape, it’s best to start low and go slow to avoid damaging it.


Clogged vapes are a common issue. While there are ways to avoid it entirely (such as keeping your vape in the upright position while not using it and giving the vape a final blast of heat before you put it away), it’s easy to forget one of these steps and experience some clogging.

Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to fix vape clogging.

The ingredients in the device are thick and sticky while cool, but they become runny again with just a little bit of heat. This means you can easily clear the vape by blowing into it or giving it a couple of quick blasts on the heat to melt the contents clogging the airway.

If your problem continues, reach out to us at hello@pickflowerz and we’ll provide you with a quality vape you can trust!

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