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If you’ve ever taken CBD and wondered why you don’t really feel much different, it’s probably because of your chosen method of consumption.

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Bioavailability and Consumption Methods

The amount of CBD that gets absorbed by your body depends on the bioavailability of the consumption method.

In other words, the strength of the CBD you consume depends on what form you consume it in. The most common methods are edible, topical, sublingual (oral) and smoking. Each consumption method varies in it’s ability to deliver CBD to your body.

The way you take your CBD often determines the potency that you will experience.

 Methods of consumption with the highest bioavailability:

1.   Smoking: 35-55%

2.   Sublingual: 13-35%

3.   Oral: 10-20%

Smoking CBD is the most effective way to introduce the compound to your body. With a bioavailability between 35-55%, smoking CBD allows you to feel the full desired effects of the product in its most natural form. Smoking CBD flower also allows you to feel the effects almost immediately.

When delivered sublingually (under your tongue), CBD oil has a bioavailability of about 13-35% and typically produces effects within 20 minutes. In order for the sublingual method to work properly, the oil needs to be held under the tongue for 30-60 second. This allows the oil to dissolve into the sublingual glands.

Oral consumption of CBD provides a bioavailability of around 10-20% making it the least effective of the three methods. This is because oral products like gummies and other foods need to be digested in order for the CBD to reach the bloodstream. Because of this extensive body process, oral CBD consumption can take anywhere between 30 and 120 minutes. This effect is already diluted down to about 1/4 of the effect that you get from smoking.

Overall, in order to have the most effective and purposeful CBD experience, smoking CBD flower is going to be your best bet. Even though vaping often provides the a similar effectiveness, flower will always be the purest form of consumption and our personal favorite. Check out our flower products today to experience a quality results.

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