What is Live Rosin?
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Rosin is far from new. This classic cannabis concentrate is traditionally made using heat and pressure applied to the cannabis plant matter, usually the buds. This process creates rosin, a concentrate that is free of solvents, such as butane, propane, CO2, or ethanol. Rosin can also be made by applying heat and pressure to ice water hash, turning it into a concentrate that can be used in a dab rig or further refined into cartridges and disposable vapes. Read on to learn more about rosin!

How is Rosin made?

Rosin can be made from either cannabis flower or hash, which is the collected kief (trichomes) of the Cannabis plant. If you have a grinder with a kief catch, you are probably already familiar! Rosin made from cannabis nugs tends to be slightly more difficult to enjoy, as plant matter almost always impacts the rosin. This does not impede the rosin’s potency but can cause an unpleasant flavor or smell for the user.

Once the cannabis source material is chosen, heat and pressure are applied. Most rosin for sale in dispensaries is created in a custom industrial press, though some users choose to make their own rosin at home with a hair straightener.

The applied heat and pressure to the cannabis material force out the cannabinoids and terpenes, similar to how canola or olives are pressed for oil. The end result is a cannabis concentrate with THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids as well as terpenes. The temperature and pressure applied correlate to the type of rosin produced. Rosin can be made into shatter, budder, taffy, and wax consistencies.

Consuming Rosin Cannabis Concentrate

Now that you know how rosin is made, how is it consumed? Well, the answer is easy – pretty much however you want.

Like all cannabis concentrates, rosin is prized for its potency. A little bit can achieve the job of a lot of flower, so first-time users are recommended to start small. One of the most popular ways to enjoy rosin is to smoke it directly in a bowl or roll it into a joint with flower. It can also be used in a “dab rig”– a glass bong or bubbler set up specifically for “dabs” of concentrate and heated with a blow torch. Those who dislike the heavy smoke can use a vaporizer for concentrates.

What makes Rosin different from Resin?

No, you are not seeing things. These two concentrates may be spelled similarly, but they are distinctly different!

For starters, rosin is made without solvents such as alcohol or butane. It is created through heat and pressure applied to cannabis plant material or hash. Resin, when used to describe a concentrate, is a cannabis extract created with a solvent.

Both of these extracts are obviously made from cannabis plants. But rosin is more time, love, and labor-intensive, and is usually more expensive. Resins are made using a solvent method that should only be attempted by licensed professionals. Rosin is generally considered to be the more high-quality concentrate and is therefore more expensive.

Live Rosin – The Top Shelf 

The newest product on the concentrate market, live rosin is all the rage. What makes this version of rosin different?

When a concentrate is described as “live,” it means that the cannabis used to make it was frozen immediately after harvest, with no drying or loss of molecules. This method claims to preserve the terpenes and aromas of the live plant, as well as the trichomes and cannabinoid compounds. To make live rosin, these frozen cannabis plants are placed in an ice water bath to “knock loose” the frozen trichomes. The resulting hash or “ice wax” is then pressed at a low temperature to create a delicious, high potency concentrate that retains its potency as well as terpene flavor profile.

Why is Live Rosin so expensive?

Live rosin cannot be made with just any cannabis. The resulting “Ice Wax” from the cold extraction process must be able to fully melt upon heat, leaving behind no residue. Only top-notch hash, from the best cannabis, can be used to make live rosin.

In addition, live rosin is expensive because it is a very time-consuming, labor-intensive process to make it. The resulting high is well worth the cost, as many believe that live rosin’s terpenes and cannabinoids can help you achieve a better high for the user.

Benefits of Live Rosin

There are lots of reasons people prefer live rosin, but here are a few:

THC Percentage

THC is the well-known psychoactive compound found in cannabis. The THC level of live rosin averages about 80%, but varies depending on the cannabis used. This still stands in contrast to cannabis flower, which is usually about 30% THC at the highest.

Terpene Presence

Terpenes are chemical compounds naturally occurring in cannabis, as well as in most fruits and herbs. These chemical compounds give each cannabis strain its distinctive flavor and smell. The cold extraction process of live rosin allows most of the terpenes to be saved and enjoyed by the user.

Solvent-Free Extraction

Live rosin is made without the use of solvents, such as ethanol, butane, or propane.

Versatile Use

Live rosin can be used in a variety of ways. Many people choose to “dab” live rosin with a hot nail and a torch, but users do not need a fancy setup to enjoy live rosin. It can be rolled into a joint or put in a glass pipe either alone or with cannabis flower. Live rosin has a lot of terpenes present and is therefore popular with people who like to vape their concentrates. If you want to skip heat entirely, live rosin can be used as an extract in edibles, because the heat of the extraction process has activated the THC in the concentrate.

What is the difference between Live Resin and Live Rosin?

We have already discussed how live rosin is made from cannabis that has been frozen directly after harvest. Live resin is made the same way, because the term “live “ refers to any concentrate product that is made with cannabis that is frozen directly after harvest. However, unlike live rosin, live resin is made using a solvent extraction process. The solvent used could be butane, propane or alcohol. The resulting product is much easier and less labor-intensive than live rosin, and therefore is less expensive.

In Summary

Live rosin is solventless hash oil made with full melt bubble hash that was made with freshly frozen materials. For the longest, full melt extracts have been some of the most sought-out,  highest quality non-solvent concentrates on the market. Live rosin takes things a step further by guaranteeing the use of freshly frozen materials. Pressing live rosin is fun to watch because producers make it with bubble hash and it squirts way more oil when pressed. Not to mention its much lighter in color than your average rosin. Most of the live rosin we’ve come across is bright yellow to off-white in color. Whenever we think concentrates can’t get any better artisan hash makers find a way to prove us wrong.

To experience the purest form of cannabis for yourself, try out our Pure Live Rosin disposables here!

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