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By Jason Tillotson, Copywriter.

With some form of cannabis now being used by more than a third of Americans, cannabis use throughout the work day becomes all the more likely.

Between the 30% of Americans that declare they use CBD and the 15% that declare daily THC use.

Chances are one of your coworkers is lighting up on the job. On the medical front, it may be reasonable for medical cannabis patients to use cannabis during or before work. After all, how different is taking a few puffs of a cannabis vape during your morning coffee, from popping four Advil at lunch? Not that different. The recreational side could be a little difficult to justify.

This weed-at-work phenomenon, however reasonable, is giving HR reps all across the country a hard time. It probably won’t be until we see federal legalization when workers will be able to consume cannabis freely in the workplace. Until then, it’s worth looking into the potential benefits and drawbacks of employees using cannabis at work.

First it is important to differentiate CBD from THC products.

Since CBD is federally legal and regulated, non-government HR representatives cannot force you to abstain from using CBD and are not able to discriminate against you during the hiring process. Government employees are generally forbidden from consuming cannabis, even CBD, but in some cases, workers can apply for a medical exemption.

Off the clock cannabis consumption does not effect work production.

According to a study at San Diego State Univ., we know off-the-clock cannabis use does not influence work performance, but how can workplace cannabis use influence performance? Is this even legitimate concern? Or just an assumption forged through stereotypes?

Desk jobs and remote workplaces are probably in the clear when it comes to cannabis use during the work place. The grey area comes in when discussing jobs involving manual labor. The construction and manufacturing industry are at a higher risk for workplace discrimination due to the lack of research behind marijuana’s impact on reaction time. While there was a recent study published suggesting THC cannabis has no measurable impact on driving ability, getting stoned while operating a forklift, might not be the best idea.

We can all see the benefits of cannabis use during or before the workday, right? Less stress, reduced anxiety, perhaps better focus and a better attitude. But the drawbacks are not as well known and might be hard to recognize. Of course, showing up to work red-eyed and skunky might generate probable cause for termination, even if you live in a 420-friendly state like Colorado or California.

Generally speaking, if you live in a recreationally legal state, and you’re over the age of 21, employers cannot discriminate against you because you use cannabis. However, if your cannabis use seems to be negatively impacting your job performance, your employer is within their rights to terminate you. In medical states, if you go through the process of obtaining a medical card, you add an extra level of protection for yourself. In those medically regulated states, including Washington, D.C. employers are often not even required to know that you use cannabis at all.

Have yo experience workplace discrimination related to cannabis use? Have you ever used CBD or THC in the workplace? Drop us a line on Twitter and let us know about your weed at work experience!


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