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Delta 8 Vapes by Mail

With an increasingly cloudy legal landscape, the 2021 UPS Vape Mail Ban has impacted a myriad of complications for tobacco and cannabis companies alike. After amount of tobacco vape-related deaths due to misleading advertising reached a shocking number in 2019 (referred to as “Vape Gate” by many), the U.S. Government has cracked down on how Americans can get their hands on vaping products.

Plain and simple, starting on April 5th “UPS will not transport vaping products to, from or within the United States due to the increased complexity to ship those products,” a UPS spokesman said in a statement.

But don’t panic, we’re still able to ship our Delta-8 vapes through DHL and a private shipping service. So, rest assured your Delta-8 can still be delivered to your doorstep hassle-free.

This impacts CBD companies worldwide, but smokeable products aren’t the only types of products banned from cargo flights. Some select types of air purifiers, humidifiers and other water vapor products are banned from being shipped.

Legislators may have inadvertently hurt CBD and tobacco companies in attempts to prevent underaged teens from buying and using vape products. This concern comes after hundreds of teen deaths have been linked to vaping and use of e-cigarettes.

While there is little available data on the actual hard amount of vaping products being shipped through the airways, it is easy to guess that nearly half of cannabis users in the U.S., purchase vapes in some form. With the COVID-19 pandemic turning many consumers to e-commerce platforms, it is entirely reasonable to assume that vaping products take up a considerable amount of “My cart” real estate.

Cannabis feeling the burn of big tobacco.

The tobacco and e-cigarette industry is likely the most to blame for this legislative restraint, the CBD industry might feel the biggest burden.

You can still purchase Flowerz Delta-8 vapes from our e-commerce store, and, as always, you can find all our products at your favorite Washington, D.C. CBD or smoke shop.

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