CBD Jan 01
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By Jason Tillotson, Copywriter

Did I consume too much cannabis?

You ever get like half way through a joint and start feeling just a little too high? I know, I know. What exactly is too high? It’s that kinda high you feel when you’re halfway through the joint and you forget you’re smoking a joint…yeah, we’ve all been there.

What if there were a way to keep each toke perfectly balanced between high and mellow vibes?

Well, we’re here to tell you there is a way!

It’s super easy to create your own blend of CBD/THC joints – just as easy as crafting your favorite cup of coffee!

Follow these quick & easy steps to roll an expertly blended joint with any cannabis flower you might have.

  • Pick your favorite Flowerz cannabis flower strain
  • Grab some THC bud from any local I-71 compliant or certified medical dispensary
  • Pop open your stash box and break out that grinder!
  • Break apart some good lookin’ pieces of both the CBD and THC buds
  • Once you find an even 50/50 blend of both CBD and THC, grind ‘em up!
  • Break out your papers or cones and get to rollin’!

Mixing CBD Flower with THC Flower to find your balance.

Note the differences between smoking a 1:1 blended pre roll and a pure CBD or fully THC joint. You’ll probably find yourself more alert than if you went with full THC and a bit more in the clouds compared to a pure CBD breakdown.

Either way, a 1:1 blend is great way to make your THC weed last a bit longer and dial down the overall high tone so you can get catch the vibes without taking a tumble down Slumber Lane.

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