Terpenes matter more than THC percentage
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Picture this. You are preparing an elegant dinner for yourself and your friends. You head into a liquor store looking for the perfect alcoholic beverage to complement the flavors of your meal. Do you walk up to the counter and ask the shopkeeper for the bottle with the highest alcohol percentage? Most likely not, as Everclear doesn’t really have the most appetizing taste.

The problem with selecting cannabis strains based solely on the THC content is much like stomaching the worst bottle at the bar just because it has a high alcoholic percentage. By doing this, the consumer is robbing themselves of not only the rich scents and flavors of the strain, but also missing out on the beneficial effects that can be delivered through a strain’s specific terpene profile.

Cannabis Terpenes    

Terpenes are aromatic molecules that are quite known in the plant kingdom. With over 40,000 terpenes in existence, they are equally important in citrus fruits as they are in pine forests. Cannabis terpenes however play multiple roles as they tell the smoker a great deal about the cannabis strain. By giving the strain a unique taste and aroma, you can say that terpenes give the identity of the strain.

Cannabinoids like THC and CBD are easy to apply to the power of determining the effects of a cannabis strain. THC gives rise to a psychoactive euphoric feeling while CBD produces a calm and relaxed feeling in the users.

Research however has also shown that terpenes play a role in the psychoactive effect of the plant. The synergy between cannabinoids and terpenes produces an entourage effect to further augment the physical and mental effects of cannabis strains. This makes the knowledge of the terpene profile of cannabis plants very important as it can be used to determine expected effects.

Top 3 Cannabis Strains By Terpenes

Some terpenes occur more frequently than others in cannabis strains. The percentage of these terpenes in cannabis strains also differs from strain to strain. We will focus on three of the major cannabis terpenes today and check out three strains with notable quantities of such terpene.


This is the most common terpene in cannabis strains. It gives an earthy, musky, and spicy taste to most strains. It also adds a pinch of sweetness which is why it is characterized as a “complex” taste. Myrcene has also been researched to have a role in producing the relaxing effect that is common to Indica strains. The top 3 cannabis strains with high myrcene content are Blue Dream, White Widow, and OG Kush.

Blue Dream

This hybrid strain gives Sativa-like strain despite containing high levels of myrcene. Its parent strains are Blueberry and Haze which accounts for the high myrcene levels. The strain is perfect for social gatherings and daytime use. It opens up the creative and artistic genius within with its high THC content of 19%.

White Widow

The popularity of this particular strain started in the 1900s when it experienced a boom across the cannabis world. White Widow has different features which show that it has a blend of Indica and Sativa genetics. The high levels of myrcene in this strain synergize with its high THC content to give an intense euphoric sensation.

OG Kush

This iconic strain originates from Northern California which indicates that it possesses unique genetics. The strain has spicy and earthy notes which are indicative of its high percentage of myrcene. Entourage effect from this myrcene and THC gives a unique sensation that takes over the entire body.



Limonene is common among different types of citrus fruits. It accounts for the sweetness and pleasant characteristic taste of citrus fruits. In cannabis plants, limonene acts as a precursor for other terpenes. It also aids euphoric feeling by interacting with serotonin receptors in the brain.

Sour Diesel

The high level of limonene in Sour Diesel leaves a strong imprint on the sour taste buds of the tongue. The invigorating effect of limonene helps it to impart a strong surge of energy throughout the nervous system. The parents of Sour Diesel are Diesel and Northern Lights and the strain has a high THC content with lesser CBD content.


This unique strain has high limonene content with accounts for its strong bursts of sweet citrus tones. The high of the strain has a rare balance of euphoria and relaxation which makes it a special strain in all respects. It is an Indica-dominant strain with 25% THC so be sure that this strain will satisfy all your needs.

Super Lemon Haze

This is another strain with a high percentage of limonene with intense effects. It is perfect for daytime users as it provides the needed energy to get your day going. You can do no wrong by starting your day with the strain and a fresh cup of coffee.



This is a common terpene readily found in nature. As the name suggests, it gives pine forests their characteristic scent. This scent is also present in many cannabis strains to give distinct notes of pine and wood. Pinene produces a calm and relaxing effect and can help to modulate the high of THC.

Pineapple Express

This is another special strain from the unique Kush dynasty. The high pinene content of the strain gives a blend of fruity and tropical goodness. High levels of pinene work in synergy with THC to promote alertness and mental clarity.

Jack Herer

This strain got its name from that popular cannabis activist Jack Herer. It is a Sativa-dominant strain that contains 20% THC and a great deal of pinene to complement it. This makes the strain perfect to get your day started as you are sure to have a clear head and focused mind.

Critical Mass

Afghan and Skunk 1 were crossed to give Critical Mass. This accounts for its high THC content of 22% and strong euphoric effects. Its high pinene content further balances this out to promote relaxation.

Bottom Line

Terpenes are a very important component of cannabis strains and many users are already catching on to this. Terpene profile has now become a factor to consider before choosing a cannabis strain as it determines a great deal. A cannabis strain with the right terpene profile can easily be the answer to all your questions.

Like it or not, the way cannabis interacts with the mind and body makes a simple THC measurement inaccurate to tell how high you’ll get. Potency – like many things about cannabis – is complicated.

Cannabis qualities that are more important than THC potency:

  • How the cannabis was grown
  • How the cannabis smells
  • How the cannabis tastes
  • How the cannabis smokes
  • How the cannabis makes you feel
Terpenes matter more than THC percentage
Terpenes matter more than THC percentage

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